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Gemstones have been in the center of attention for thousands of years and in recent years their popularity has only increased.
We talk about gemstones, but what exactly is a gemstone? The answer is still up for debate, however most agree to this definition: A gemstone is a mineral, rock or an organic material (amber for example) that in rough, cut or polished (cabochon) form is used in jewelry.
Gem stones have the following classification: precious, semiprecious and ornamental gem stones. The transparency of the structure is typical for the precious and semiprecious stones. The ornamental stones are opaque or have a barely noticeable tint. Their price can greatly fluctuate and the price of some rare ornamental stones can be close to the price of precious and semiprecious.

Each gemstone has its own meaning and properties. Over the centuries many cultures have contributed to the legends and science of gems. These amazing natural products have inspired philosophers and mystics to attribute unusual properties of special minerals.

Even today many believe that natural stones have tremendous healing power charging the people with their energy. Properly selected stone is meant to brings luck and prosperity to man. When choosing a stone its meaning and protection of the planet to which it is presented must be considered. And like any gift any stone jewelry is bringing its hidden symbolic meaning.

What is the symbolic meaning of the most common gemstones?

Calms emotions, creates clarity of mind and helps us to achieve wisdom. Amethyst is the stone of the mind, it bring peace of mind and helps us to connect with our intuition and feelings. Since a long time it has been considered a means of sobering and combat the alcohol, food and other addictions. Relieves obsessive compulsive-behavior.


Connected with courage and calming the anxiety and frustration. It is believed that soothes the fears and helps calmness on long journeys. Many believe that it keeps sailors at sea and prevent seasickness. Traditionally argued that gives insight and promotes clarity of mind.

Blue Topaz

Connected with courage and overcoming fears and obstacles. This is the traditional stone of writers, scholars, artists and intellectuals which is used to support the sublime thoughts. Argued that soothes the soul and stimulates faithfulness, friendship, gentleness and integrity.


It is claimed that opens the mind to new thoughts and balances impatience and anxiety. It has long been considered that citrine stimulates optimism. Moreover it attracts abundance and is known as the "stone of traders" . That’s why it should be put in place where you develop your business not only to acquire wealth but also to keep it. It is suitable for mental concentration, endurance and confidence.


It is believed that diamond absorbs and amplifies the thoughts of the person who wears it as well as the strengths and weaknesses of other gems and their owners. People in ancient times used it for detoxification because it claims to protect against poisons.


According to tradition the emerald assists fertility, improves eyesight and gives supernatural skills of its owner. It is believed that it banishes depression and alleviates insomnia. Stimulate self-knowledge, peaceful dreams and helps you achieve balance and patience.


Considered the stone of passionate devotion: to your family, friends, yourself and your personal purpose in life. It is believed that garnet stimulates the senses and increases stamina and endurance. It is said that garnet attracts luck in business ventures.


This is the stone of calmness. It is believed that jade soothes anxiety and fears and boosts your luck. Jade not only brings good luck, but also allows you to keep your money. Traditional gardeners charm jade allegedly ensure plentiful harvest.


This stone is strongly associated with emotions, including love, passion and spontaneity. It is alleged that opal assist visualization, imagination, dreams and healing.


Pearls are symbol of chastity. The girls wearing it in necklaces are very gentle and happy in marriage .  Pearls do not bring happiness to men and make its possessor a weak man.


It is believed that it enhances life, brings prosperity, development and increased openness. They also say that peridot helps one to understand the relationships and relieves depression, anger, fear, jealousy and anxiety.


Known as protection from misfortune and bad health, ruby is used to open the heart and promote love. If a gift the ruby ​​is a symbol of friendship and love. It is also a symbol of vitality and royalty.


For a long time it is associated with happiness and peace. It is believed that sapphire assist communication, insight, intuition, inspiration and prayers. Ancient people believed that sapphires could help them to predict the future.


Recently discovered gem which however, argues that is traditional for the Maasai tribe where tanzanite was a gift for their newborns to give them good luck.


It is claimed that the tourmaline strengthens the body and spirit. It is believed that attracts inspiration aids concentration, improves balance and stimulates understanding. Furthermore, it is believed that it calms the nerves, relieves grief, improves balance and builds confidence.


It is believed to attract money, success and love. Turquoise is a stone of friendship in many cultures. Indians related the colors of turquoise with the blue sky and green land. Nowadays, many still perceive it as a symbol of human origin in nature.


Since the Middle Ages it is believed that zircon assists spiritual development and stimulates wisdom. They say that a man carrying this stone will discover the beauty and peace. Zircon teaches a person to enjoy life, be happy at this very moment and live in the present.

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