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How To Care For Your Jewellery - Diamonds

Diamonds may be the hardest natural substance on the face of Earth, but it is still vulnerable to chips, splinters and shatters. While they can be cut or polished only by another diamond, a hard blow may cause them to chip. Here are a few steps on how to care for your diamond jewellery:
(i) Separately store your diamond jewellery in their own fabric-lined casing. Ideally, every piece should have its own compartment. This is to prevent your diamond from getting scratched as well as to keep your diamond from scratching other pieces.
(ii) Avoid wearing your diamond jewellery when doing physical work to prevent them from getting chipped or scratched. Avoid diamond jewellery from coming into contact with bleach household cleansers which can damage the settings and mountings. Everyday exposures to cream, skin oils, hairspray and other substances may also cause buildup that will dull your diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.
(iii) Regularly inspect your diamond jewellery for any signs of damage or loosening of prongs. It is advisable to bring your jewellery to any Wah Chan outlets nationwide at least once a year for maintenance and cleaning.
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