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Pearls: Queen of Gems

The pearl is the official birthstone for the month of June. Fresh water pearls are given on the 1st wedding anniversary and are also given on the 3rd, 12th and 30th anniversaries. Pearls are hard, lustrous natural creation that are also deemed by many as the symbol of power, perfection, luck, hope, happiness and honor.
Due to their translucence and luster, pearls are among the most valued gemstones. Though white is the commonly found colour, pearls are also found in delicate shades of pink, black, cream, gray, blue, yellow, lavender, green and mauve.
Fun Facts
  1. Ancient Chinese considered natural black pearls as symbols of wisdom and thought them to be created in the brains of dragons
  2. Ancient Rome considered pearls as the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing
  3. Greeks place pearls in high esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association with love and marriage. They also believed that pearls should be part of the wedding ceremony, as pearls would bring love.
  4. Ancient Hindu thought pearls would bring longevity and prosperity.
Types of Pearls:
  1. Natural Pearls: Made without human interference. Visit Wah Chan PJ Section 14 now during its Pearl Fest for great deals such as:
Tahitian South Sea Pearl Strand

Peacock & Tahitian South Sea Pearl Diamond Bracelet
White South Sea Pearl Diamond RingRM 6,988 nett
White South Sea Pearl Diamond Ring
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White South Sea Pearl Diamond Pendant
South Sea Pearl Earrings
South Sea Pearl Earrings
  1. Cultured Pearls: Cultivated through artificially stimulation. Get yours from D’Step at any Wah Chan outlets now for as low as RM39!
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