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Send him a HINT for Valentine’s Day!

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Let’s be real: men aren’t as good as reading hints than women are with dropping ones. And as Valentine’s Day nears, this could prove to be quite the dilemma – especially if the man in your life isn’t exactly the perceptive, thoughtful sort. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean they love you any less – some men are just wired that way, and there’s just not much we can do about it.

However, all is not lost: there’s more ways than one to drop a hint to your significant other on what would quite possibly make your Valentine’s Day, and who knows? Maybe your man will finally bite the bait after all!
  1. Slip It in Real Subtle

    Widely used, this is one of the most common weapons in a woman’s arsenal. As perfectors of the subtle art of persuasion, we are all too familiar with this method of dropping hints in order to attempt to get what we want. Whether it’s bringing up that movie you wanted to see since forever or that beautiful necklace you’ve been eyeing from the last time you walked in to that jewellery store, the message is clear: I like that, but I’d like it even more if you picked up on it and did something about it. If not done properly, however, this could fly over the heads of most men. But hey, there’s always tagging them in related posts on Facebook to count on.


  2. Let Others Do the Hinting for You

    If you don’t want to play it too aggressive, rope your friends in on it! Tell them what you’re hoping for this Valentine’s, and ask them to sort of sneak it into your partner’s subconscious through everyday conversation.A great way to start would be for your friends to ask: “So Valentine’s Day is coming up, have you got anything planned?” And whether your love is clueless or maybe has a slight inkling on what he wants to do for you, this is just about the right time for your friend to plant some ‘sage advice’, or maybe guide your partner towards the right direction.

  3. Make a List, Let Him Check It Out Once or Twice

    Now, here’s one for the men who are truly lost. Write a wishlist of the things you want and the things you’ve been itching to get for yourself, and just leave it around somewhere within his line of sight. Hopefully, he’ll find it, see it, read it, and then act on it. He might even be pleased enough to think that he was sly enough to stumble upon your ‘misplaced’ list. Just make sure that you don’t forget to act surprised when you get exactly what you wish for.

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    And last but most definitely not least:

  4. Just Say It!

    Men are straightforward creatures, so maybe bending their brains around hints and mindgames just wouldn’t be the best way to play it. If you’re confident enough in yourself and the relationship you have with your other half, then why not just tell him what you want? This shortens the process and makes it so much easier on your man – after all, they’re not mind-readers (not all of them, at least). We’re sure your man would thank you for the open communication, and besides, how could telling these same straightforward creatures what you want outright possibly go wrong?