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Take the HINT! A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


To all the men out there: listen up.

First of all, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Second of all, you’re welcome for the reminder, just in case you didn’t remember.

We know: this spells yet another giant headache for most of male-kind. Another Valentine’s, and yet another point in time where you have to wrack your brain for ideas on what to get for your beloved.

We won’t deny that women can be quite complicated most of the time, but fret not! If you’ve been keeping your ears open and know your partner well enough, you won’t have much of a problem at all!

But if you’re either lost or just want to make sure you’re on the right track, feel free to breeze through the brief tips below on how to make sure you get the woman in your life the right Valentine’s gift!

  1. Pay Attention!

    Your girl might be dropping hints, and you wouldn’t even know it. Keep your ears peeled, has there been something she’s mentioned that she’d like? Or maybe something that she’s been eyeing for a while? And if even recollection fails you, don’t worry: get help! Ask for advice from her friends or siblings, or maybe even her parents. Maybe they’ve caught on to a clue that you haven’t!

  2. Quit the Clichés

    Mention Valentine’s and this image pops into everyone’s mind: pinks and reds everywhere, with roses and chocolates and frilled paper hearts galore. But although that is the common imagery associated with Valentine’s, don’t fall back on that to help you! Sometimes clichés or being generic may not always be the best course of action (unless of course, your partner is into that), and getting roses and chocolates every year for your lady love may suggest some unoriginal and a lack of initiative or intention on your part. And that is definitely not how you want her to look at it. So quit the clichés, and that brings us to our next point…

  3. Planning is Key

    You do NOT want to leave this till the last minute – or even worse, forget about the day entirely. Set reminders. Write it down on a post-it. Have an alarm on your phone. Get someone else to remind you. Do whatever you have to, but remember: there is no excuse to forget Valentine’s, not to most women anyway. Make sure you plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to make sure everything is carried out to completion, and make time to brainstorm if you haven’t already.

  4. Know Your Girl

    This may or may not be the most important aspect of the gift selection process, but it’s important to understand and know your partner well. Think about what she wants, and not about what you think she wants. And yes, there is a difference. What’s her personality like? Is she romantic? Creative? Practical? What are her interests, and what love language does she speak in? What does she need? What does she want? What does she already have? These are some important questions you have to ask yourself if you really do want to make her gift a good one.


  5. Just Ask Her!

    If you want to make it a whole lot easier on the both of you, just ask her what she wants! You can’t go wrong with this, and sometimes it’s better to ask her outright than to get her something she might not like. Besides, she might even appreciate the bluntness (and also the opportunity to make sure you get her exactly what she wants)!

If you’re still unsure or sitting on the fence after reading through the tips above, don’t worry for all is not lost! After all, why not visit Wah Chan for a hassle-free shopping experience, as well as the opportunity to find something your girl will definitely love?